14 October 2013

APNA continues to advocate nationally, to promote the fact that Registered and Enrolled Nurses are very much the backbone of primary health care and in particular general practice in Australia. APNA works hard to ensure the primary health care nursing profession remains valued and respected for the significant, perfectly positioned army of health professionals that we are.

APNA’s representation and advocacy for primary health care nursing is dependent upon active participation by members nationally in many forums. APNA also vigilantly monitors the Australian primary health care environment, research and media and provides timely responses to support evidence, correct misconceptions and provide alternative views and options.

Most recently APNA responded to the Grattan Institute’s Access all areas report published last week which raised valid concerns about our rural and remote primary health care workforce shortages, but came to the wrong conclusions about the answers to these problems.

Please see the APNA media release Grattan Institute report overlooks the obvious.

Your thoughts are very welcome at president@apna.asn.au.

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