16 March 2015

Dear members,

APNA is currently accepting nominations from members for positions on the Board. That means, if there are more nominees than positions available, we go to an election!

People often ask what it’s like to sit on the APNA Board. Governance requires a different perspective from service management. Governance is often described as taking a helicopter view looking down over the organisation to see that all is running to plan: to the Strategic Plan formulated by the Board, and to the operational plan and various activity plans reported to the Board by the CEO. Whilst in that helicopter, the Board is looking at the political landscape and monitoring and fending off risks to the Association from various vantage points, as well as looking for opportunities to grow and promote our organisation. We have some very good runs on the board here. The responsibilities of the Board have become increasingly sophisticated over time, and this reflects the maturity of the organisation. A Board member chairs each of the internal committees as well as general board duties. The Chairs report the work of the committee directly to the Board and this facilitates the ‘big picture’ approach to organisational management.

There is also the opportunity to contribute to external committees and working groups in areas of your expertise. Whilst this is predominantly in a voluntary capacity, being able to contribute to policy development and advance the professional status of primary health care nursing is incredibly rewarding.

Last week saw our much admired CEO Kathy Bell step down from her role at APNA. Matt Hall, APNA General Manager, is steering the ship as the interim CEO whilst the final process of appointing a new CEO is completed. The new CEO will arrive to a solid platform of a well-skilled team, and the Board will provide the additional support needed during the transition period. As APNA President and Vice President, myself and Julianne Badenoch will be available to support a smooth transition for the new CEO and we both intend to renominate to the Board in this current round of APNA Board nominations. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the conference and look forward to your ongoing support.

Kind regards,


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