Remembering Gayle Woodford

Collectively nurses around Australia have been touched by the death of Gayle Woodford. A random act like this hits close to home, makes us think about our own nursing experience, and reminds us to come together and provide strength and support for each other.

Gayle Woodford was a remote area nurse who had for five years been working at Nganampa Health Council in the remote APY Lands community of Fregon, 1200 kilometres north-west of Adelaide. Those who knew and worked with Gayle have commented on her spirited, passionate, and generous nature, and willingness to give of herself to care for her community. Gayle was also a former APNA member, and together we remember her.

You can read more about Gayle and her family’s response in Gayle Woodford’s family pays tribute to ‘generous and loving’ nurse.

This is something all nurses relate to – whether rural, remote or urban – as our safety in the workplace should be assured.

APNA is calling for regulatory change to protect nurses and other health workers undertaking after hours call-outs. A petition – named ‘Gayle’s Law’ – calling for mandatory two responders to attend all after hours call-outs in government, Indigenous and not for profit health services across Australia has received 100,000 signatures in four days.

This is something we can make a difference to. Be part of this action.

Rest in peace, Gayle Woodford.

One thought on “Remembering Gayle Woodford

  1. The fact that nurses are allowed to go unaccompanied into situations that put them at risk of harm is an example of violence towards women that is condoned at a governmental level . No disrespect to our male nurses, if this was a predominantly male profession this would not be happening and you are unfortunate enough to be sharing the risk with your female colleges. Like all violence it needs to be exposed not hidden. I hope we will be hearing more about these brave nurses whose working conditions at times are not dissimilar to a war zone. I am glad to see APNA is calling for regulatory change and I hope all APNA members will add their support to this campaign

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