Celebrating the most trusted profession

Nurses at the heart of primary health care on International Nurses Day

On the eve of International Nurses Day nurses in Australia have been acknowledged in the most meaningful way, a way that demonstrates respect for clinical expertise and generous care provision.

In Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions Survey 2016 nurses have been rated as the most honest and ethical profession for the 22nd year in a row with 92% of respondents agreeing, the same majority as in 2015.

There is a good reason why nursing is a sought after career with vast opportunities to explore so many different challenging and stimulating settings. And statistics show nurses are in high demand.

To fulfil this demand we need to support and nurture new nurses, take the time to build their experience and reach their potential.

On 12 May each year – International Nurses Day – a service is held in Westminster Abbey in which a lantern is passed from one nurse to the next, symbolising the passing on of knowledge between nurses.

We would like to hear from you – what advice would you offer to new nurses starting in primary health care? What wisdom would you impart to young people who are about to embark on a career in primary health care nursing? 

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What I would tell nurses new to primary health care is…

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