Nurses, firefighters and ambos the most ethical professions, says new index


Nurses are among the most ethical professionals in Australia, a new index shows. The first-ever survey of more than 1000 people by the Governance Institute of Australia’s new Australian Ethics Index scored nurses at 82, compared to GPs at 71, financial planners at seven, and federal politicians at a dismal negative 33. This won’t be news to followers of the Roy Morgan Image of Professions survey, which has rated nurses as its most trusted professionals for 22 years running. The new Governance Institute index was topped by firefighters and paramedics.

Well done to our hardworking and dedicated nurses, who do their jobs with such good humour, diligence and integrity. Here’s a picture of APNA’s 2016 award finalist Georgie Waugh, general practice nurse in the rural community of Mungindi, on the border of NSW and Qld. She was recognised in this year’s APNA Nurse Awards for her leadership as an advocate for her local community. 

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