16 September 2013

The Federal Election is over and Australia has a new Coalition led Federal Government. Those of us who, at the end of the day are grass roots primary health care (PHC) nurses delivering care as best we can, fighting the chronic disease that is devastating our communities. We may wonder – what will really change? Our patients keep coming, their needs keep increasing and we are getting older and increasingly becoming consumers of healthcare too.

As mentioned previously, APNA has called for the recognition and ongoing support, of the Australian PHC nursing workforce. Nurses are the largest health workforce and in PHC – a perfectly placed and essential army. This nurse army is ready willing and able to participate in, coordinate and lead multidisciplinary team care provision, education and support to our communities essential in the fight against the Tsunami of chronic disease. A Tsunami that will very soon overwhelm our health system if urgent action is not taken.

As APNA president I look forward to speaking with our new Federal health minister to share APNAs experience, the experience of our membership and our proposals for building a well integrated, person-centred primary health care system with full engagement of all relevant health professions – medical, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and most importantly with consumers at the centre.

Your thoughts are very welcome at president@apna.asn.au.